When Music Is Necessary

Okay….we have the birthday party all planned.  We have the cake, the balloons, the decorations, the food, the candles and the guests. What are we missing?  Ah, the Dj!  Okay….we’re going to the movie theatre to watch the newly released film….we have the tickets, the parking space, the popcorn and the drinks. We’re in our seats watching the big screen, and we hear all the dialogue and the sound effects. But something is missing…Ah, the soundtrack!!  Okay, we’re at my best friends wedding. He’s got the rings and the tux, she has gown and the flowers. The wedding planner has everything on her list from the hall to the honeymoon, but forgot one necessary element….the entertainment!! Let’s face it, there’s no party without the Dj, no movie without the soundtrack and no wedding without the band!!

When is music necessary? Whenever people get together to celebrate!  There must be three key ingredients for a festive occasion. They are: something to eat, something to drink and something to dance to! Music sets the mood for the occasion; whether it’s the drum circle to honor the ancestors, the bugle core in the regimented military, the string quartet for the afternoon tea, a chant for a spiritual connection, a cocktail at the piano bar, the dance band on Saturday night, the ballroom orchestra for the elegant couples, the rock band for the head-bangers, a jazz trio with a glass of wine, a Dj and a rapper with a turntable, the church choir ushering the holy word, or a cd player with numerous cd’s of your favorite artists.  

No matter what style of music or how many players or where you perform it, music is necessary.  Music will certainly accompany any film,  express an inner emotion, enhance any dance move; and exudes the very essence and core meaning of everything – except silence!

I’m Donald Grammer, inviting you to join me, along with keyboard sensation, Gail Jhonson at www.smoothmixes925.com.

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