How Significant Is Music In Life?


When it comes to creativity, I can’t think of any other entity for self-expression than music! Music by definition is the combination of melody, rhythm and harmony; exemplified by vocal and or instrumental sounds. There is a multitude of combinations of the two, that can create symphonies, folk songs, rock groups, jazz compositions, love songs, dance music, religious and ceremonial themes, TV scores, bands, quartets, and choirs; the list goes on. With a mind that’s creative, anything is possible. It all emanates from the universe!

Music allows a story to unfold, a mood to be set, and usher in uplifting joy or distinct remembrance of a place in time.  All it takes is for one to listen….feel, interpret and discover.  It should be noted, that a person doesn’t need to be a genius, great singer or need to be exposed to every idiom to be creative…soul is all that is required.  Intellect can play an integral role when it come to exercising creativity for master pieces from composers like Bach or Coltrane, or simple life experiences is enough for blues guitarists and coffee house vocalists. Playing an instrument, writing lyrics or singing from the heart gives voice for one’s own ideas and thoughts.

When it comes to education, music in my opinion is surely relevant to learning. It has been suggested, that if teachers used songs as an enhancement tool for teaching, it could increase more enthusiasm for learning math, history, literature and the sciences. It heightens memorization and focus. Once a song is embedded in the mind, it is hard to forget it!  Music can be instrumental, (pun intended) in managing time, and self-discipline.  Unimaginable ideas are ascertained through the study of an instrument and use of the breath.  That’s why music in the schools is essential to learning and self-articulation; thus music is significant and very meaningful to all of our children and in all of our lives.  In our next segment, we will discuss how music is a universal language. Until next time, tune into

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