How Electronic Instruments Helped Shaped Music

The electric guitar and the electric piano, are several of many instruments used to create music. Electronic music is defined as any musical instrument that sound is modified or has produced sound by electric, or electronic means. The electronic sounds from the instruments produced, are usually determined from the composer. An acoustic instrument such as a piano sound can be altered to sound more sophisticated and hip by giving it an electronic signature ranging to the widely used, popular Fender Rhodes, to an electric guitar. The electric guitar is also another instrument that can compete when it comes to being played and listened to electronically. The reason the electric guitar is considered an electronic instrument is because it can amplify sound electrically, and electronically. It should also be noted that there are great similarites when it comes to sound to their acoustic counterparts. The electronic synthesizer is also another instrument used to help create music. Production of combining separate elements is how synthesize is defined. Sound that’s synthesized, is when a musician creates sound that’s built from component elements. One thing to note about synthesized sound, it can be novel, and wholeheartedly original, or it can resemble an acoustic musical timbre.The sound qualities that synthesized music carries can give it a unique distinction that in listening can also highlight a certain characteristic that only comes with synthesized sound, and the relationship within the sounds. A musical instrument that’s standard which from a group of elements acoustically, thus having interrelationships are situated or set by the producer of the instrument. Oscillators, filters, mixers, and amplifiers, all contribute to electronic instrumentation when it comes to using the keyboards, and synthesizers is what being used to create music electronically.

Electronic instruments are heard in just about every genre of music from jazz to hip hop, from r&b to rock. We invite you to experience our subject matter on how electronic instruments are being used, and how it has helped shaped music today.

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